Determined Defense For Sacramento Criminal Charges

Putting Californians On The Right Side Of The Law

Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Isaac Bacher founded Gold Bridge Legal with a clear mission: helping Californians get back on the right side of the law. Whether you are dealing with a first-time DUI or facing serious criminal charges for financial or violent crimes, attorney Bacher can leverage his extensive legal experience to safeguard your rights and protect your future.

With a history of rigorous case analysis and successful case results, he is dedicated to working personally with each of his clients – listening to their stories, understanding their concerns and prioritizing their wellbeing throughout the legal process. Integrity, passion and determination define Gold Bridge Legal – and will define attorney Bacher’s resolution of your criminal law issue.

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An Advocate With Integrity

Attorney Isaac Bacher is committed to learning the facts of your situation – and committed to building an honest, durable relationship with you. Your story will inform his legal strategy, and he is determined to listen intently to you throughout the legal process.

Judges, prosecutors and attorneys across Sacramento and Placer counties trust attorney Bacher to tell it like it is. Straightforward and focused on solutions, he is unafraid to ask the difficult questions and explore the hard truths that can create your compelling and effective defense strategy. His reliability and reputation for diligence translate into real results for his clients.

A Professional With Passion

Attorney Bacher entered law school with a fundamental desire to help Californians obtain justice. From individuals whose negative encounters with the legal system have been exacerbated by struggles with mental health issues or substance abuse, to those who face repeated and unwarranted police harassment, to those who have simply made mistakes and are looking to reclaim their lives, he is dedicated to ensuring each of his clients receives the fair treatment and forceful defense they deserve. In the patience and personal care he provides before trial and his formidable performances before judges and juries, Mr. Bacher’s passion for his profession – and for his clients’ wellbeing – is evident.

Results-Driven Determination

At Gold Bridge Legal, attorney Bacher understands that your case’s outcome is your biggest concern. If you’re facing a first-time Sacramento DUI, you want to avoid losing your job or license; if you’re facing drug charges or struggling with addiction, you want to avoid prison time and get the treatment you need. Mr. Bacher is dedicated to exploring all avenues for resolving your case successfully. Creative, committed and persistent, he stands with his clients from the start to the solution.

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If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for, a crime in Sacramento or Placer counties, schedule a free consultation regarding your criminal law matter today. Call Gold Bridge Legal at 916-520-0784 or complete Mr. Bacher’s online form.