Determined Defense For Sacramento Criminal Charges

A Compassionate Advocate Through California Domestic Violence Charges

When an argument or disagreement escalates to the point of law enforcement involvement, the potential consequences can become severe – and the advice of a Sacramento domestic violence attorney is essential. On top of imperiling your relationship with your partner, spouse and family, California domestic violence charges can prevent you from entering your home or seeing your children; a conviction for these charges can result in thousands of dollars in fines, jail time and loss of your job or professional licensure.

If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for, California domestic violence crimes, contact Gold Bridge Legal today. Sacramento defense attorney Isaac Bacher is committed to providing each of his clients with compassionate, attentive service. He listens carefully to your story – and builds a defense strategy that can protect your rights, reputation and future.

Meeting Confusion And Uncertainty With Clarity And Solutions

A domestic violence charge may be your first adverse encounter with the California justice system. You – and your partner – may be scared and confused at what comes next. The realization that a misunderstanding, or poor decision made under the influence of alcohol or other substances, now threatens your career, relationship and even your freedom can be extremely intimidating.

In these situations, rely on the counsel of an experienced and effective Sacramento defense lawyer. Attorney Isaac Bacher works directly with his clients to thoroughly understand their stories – and can work directly with prosecutors to find solutions to your case. In certain instances, his proactive and assertive representation can prevent charges from ever being filed against you; in others, his advocacy can reduce felony charges to simple misdemeanors. Across all cases, attorney Isaac Bacher diligently investigates the details of your case – listening carefully, acting confidently, and ensuring you feel informed and supported through every step of the legal process.

Don’t Hesitate To Build Your Defense

If California domestic violence charges are being investigated or have been filed against you, time is of the essence. To schedule a free consultation, contact Gold Bridge Legal today. You can call 916-520-0784, or reach attorney Isaac Bacher by completing his online form.