Determined Defense For Sacramento Criminal Charges

Determined Defense For California Drug Charges

Gold Bridge Legal protects the rights of Californians charged with drug possession and drug distribution. Sacramento drug charges attorney Isaac Bacher is determined to help his clients understand the charges they are facing, and to build legal strategies that can help them begin a new chapter of their lives. A careful listener and thorough investigator, attorney Isaac Bacher examines every element of his clients’ stories – aggressively fighting unjust charges, and seeking creative solutions for those who may be able to pursue rehab or drug treatment as an alternative to jail time.

Understanding California Drug Charges

The state of California prosecutes many drug dealers and users under HS 11351. This law makes it illegal to possess drugs regulated under the U.S. Controlled Substance Act (including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, LSD and peyote) with the intent to sell them, or to purchase these drugs with the intent to resell them.

Violating HS 11351 is a California felony, whose consequences can include up to $20,000 in fines and four years in jail. These penalties can be dramatically compounded if prosecutors are able to prove you intended to make multiple sales, or if you have prior felony convictions. Indeed, you could face up to $20,000 in fines and up to four years in jail for each sale prosecutors are able to prove you intended to make.

If you have been charged with California drug crimes in Sacramento or Placer counties, or if you are simply under investigation, contact Gold Bridge Legal immediately. Attorney Isaac Bacher can seize the initiative in crafting your defense – taking proactive steps to minimize the charges you may face, and exploring treatment options as alternatives to jail time for those struggling with addiction.

You Have Options: Call Gold Bridge Legal Today

If you have been charged with a California drug crime, prison is not your only option. Contact a Sacramento defense lawyer dedicated to finding real solutions for his clients. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Isaac Bacher, call 916-520-0784, or complete Gold Bridge Legal’s online form.