Determined Defense For Sacramento Criminal Charges

Arrested For A Sacramento DUI Or Placer DUI?

You Have 10 Days To Act

As an experienced Sacramento and Placer County DUI lawyer, attorney Isaac Bacher understands that driving under the influence can be “an everyman’s crime.” When friends, celebrations, music and alcohol or other substances mix, the energy of a casual outing or night on the town can quickly impair the judgement of otherwise law-abiding Californians. Parents and professionals, hard-working employees and headstrong college students can make the mistake of driving under the influence – but when police lights appear in the rearview mirror, the consequences can be severe, and your job, license and freedom may be at stake.

California drivers arrested for a Sacramento DUI or Placer County DUI must act quickly: They have 10 days to protect their driver’s licenses from suspension. If you or your loved one has been arrested for a California DUI, contact Gold Bridge Legal immediately. Sacramento and Placer County DUI lawyer Isaac Bacher can take decisive action to protect your reputation and future.

Keep Your License, Stay Out Of Court

The aftermath of a California DUI arrest is often confusing and intimidating. This may be your first adverse encounter with the legal system; you may be frightened by the threat of losing your professional license, your driver’s license, or your job.

Compounding this difficult situation are two different law enforcement entities. The first is the California criminal court system; if convicted here, you could lose your driver’s license, face substantial fines, or be jailed. The second is Sacramento or Placer County Department of Motor Vehicles, which will suspend your driver’s license 30 days after your arrest. You have 10 days after your arrest to schedule a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to request a stay on this automatic suspension.

Gold Bridge Legal is prepared to protect your rights before both the criminal court and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Hiring Sacramento drunk driving defense attorney Isaac Bacher within 10 days of your arrest can give you a decisive edge in keeping your license and staying out of court. Diligent, responsive, and quick to act, Mr. Bacher can obtain the evidence necessary to prevent the Department of Motor Vehicles from taking your license, and can prevent you from ever having to appear before a judge or criminal court. Don’t wait: Call Gold Bridge Legal today.

The Justice System Won’t Wait: Neither Should You

If you have been arrested for a Sacramento DUI or Placer County DUI, your 10-day window to keep your license is already shrinking. The justice system moves fast – and you need an attorney who can move faster. To learn how Sacramento and Placer County DUI lawyer Isaac Bacher can protect your license, your job and your freedom, schedule a free consultation now. Call Gold Bridge Legal at 916-520-0784, or complete an online form.